Guben - Friedrich-Wilke-Place

The Friedrich-Wilke-Platz at the Triangle forms the central point of the new Guben city centre. C.G. Wilke’s hat factory, which started production in 1862, was a workshop until the 1990s. After the end of hat production there was no use for  the building. After comprehensive reconstruction and restoration activities, the former workshops are now the home for the Guben Town  Hall, the town library, the Town and Industry Museum as well as the town’s music school. The “Old Dye Works” of the former hat factory with its  three hoods is a landmark and serves as a multifunctional hall which has developed into a popular location for different events. On the square  in front of the town hall, each citizen of the town can carve their name on single clinker bricks. Additionally, the town dedicates each newlyborn a brick as a welcome gift.

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