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Exploring the Old Trading Road

Neisse bridge in Guben-Gubin – Pleśno – Czarnowice – Koperno – Grabice – Brzozów – Mielno – Strzegów – Pozna – Markosice – Polanowice – Sękowice – Gubinek – Gubin

Route Length:
approximately 40 kilometres (about 25 miles)

Road Composition:
Cycle track on suitable roads (quiet, moderately used road)
Cycle track on roads not intended traffic – passable depending on weather conditions

Guben and Gubin city centre
Neo-Gothic church in Koperno
Brzozów Victory Column from 1870-71
Neo-Gothic church in Mielno
Church in Strzegów
Expiation cross in Markosice
Half-timbered church in Sękowice

This tour leads us part of the way along the old trading road, through small villages where time seems to stand still. The landscape is perfect for enjoying silence and unblemished nature, far from the noise and hectic life of large cities. Via Pleśno and Czarnowice you reach Koperno with its neo-Gothic church, passing meadows and fruit-trees. Further one-street villages located along this route are Jazów, Grabice, and Nowa Wioska. The village of Brzozów has a 1.5-hectare (3.7-acre) park containing natural monuments. The foundations of the old manor house, and the old trees around it remind us of the “lord-of-the-manor” times. Above the village stands a victory column from 1870 -1871. Turning right in Mielno, you can head to Markosice via Strzegów and Pozna. In Markosice there’s an expiation cross, and parts of the church date from the middle ages. Following the track onward to Gubin, you pass the old village of Sękowice, which was founded by the Order of Saint John of Jerusalem. A particular architectural attraction here is the octagonal half-timbered church from the 17th century. The road leads back to Gubin, via Gubinek.

Gastronomical facilities:
Blockhaus Restaurant in Sękowice
Restaurants in Guben and Gubin

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