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Short Technological Tour

Tourist Information Centre in Guben – Schlagsdorf – Groß Gastrose – Albertinenaue – hydro-electric power station – Grießen – Albertinenaue – Taubendorf – Kerkwitz – Kaltenborn – Guben Altsprucke – Guben

Route Length:
approximately 35 kilometres (about 22 miles)

Road Composition:
Cycle tracks (asphalt, with separate cycle paths)
Cycle track on suitable roads (quiet, moderately used road)

Guben and Gubin city centre
Expiation cross in Klein Gastrose
Mill in Groß Gastrose
Hydro-electric power station in Grießen, as well as a lookout point over an opencast mine, and a reinforced church
The Gustav Adolf church in Kerkwitz
The Sprucke Mill Museum

This short “technological” tour for the most of the part goes along the Oder-Neisse cycle track, and combines activity, nature, and attractions of historical technological interest. In Groß Gastrose the track leads to Mühleninsel, an island with an old grain mill. The village is situated at a bow in the River Neisse, which a long time ago was dammed up at this point by a weir, in order to drive the mill. The imposing buildings are preserved, but the mill no longer operates. The hydro-electric power station in Grießen was built in 1929, and was shut down and disassembled in 1967. Thanks to a private investor it was renovated in 1992 and equipped with a new turbine, and since 1993 has been in operation again. On Sunday afternoons the tower is open to the public, and allows you to admire the marvellous view of the river landscape. In the village of Grießen there’s a reinforced church built from boulders – the oldest church in the Guben region. From the lookout point at the end of the village of Grießen, looking toward Forst, you can observe the work in the opencast mine of Jänschwalde. Going back along the Oder-Neisse cycle track toward Albertinenaue, via Taubendorf and Kerkwitz, you reach Kaltenborn, a part of the town of Guben. The centre of this village has preserved its original character, and is under a preservation order. The Sprucke Mill is a former grain mill at the Schwares Brook in the Altsprucke district of Guben. Also preserved are the mill plants and the buildings under preservation orders. Today the Guben Town Museum is housed here. When you arrive back at the starting point of the tour in Guben town centre, you may wish to finish the trip with a visit to the Town and Industrial Museum. With innovative, modern multi-media displays, the exhibition gives a vivid impression of the former local hat industry, and information about the town and its industrial history.

Gastronomical Facilities:
Neißetal Restaurant in Groß Gastrose
Dorfkrug Restaurant in Kerkwitz

Short Technological Tour

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