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The Brühl Tour

Neisse bridge in Guben-Gubin – Gubinek – Sękowice – Polanowice – Grabice – Luboszyce – Wielotów – Węgliny – Suchodół - Jeziory Dolne – Brody – Datyń – Koło – Wierzchno – Koperno – Czarnowice – Pleśno – Gubin

Route Length:
approximately 45 kilometres (about 28 miles)

Road Composition:
Cycle track on suitable roads (quiet, moderately used road)
Cycle track on roads not intended for traffic, passable depending on weather conditions

Half-timbered church in Sękowice
Castle complex in Luboszyce
Wood and Nature Museum, lookout tower in Jeziory Dolne
Castle complex and grounds in Brody
Expiation cross in Koło

This route passes through small villages leading to the historic location of Brody. The castle there in its current shape was erected by the Count Heinrich von Brühl, prime minister of August the Strong, elector of Saxony and King of Poland. The castle and grounds were owned by the Brühl family until 1945. The route passes the villages of Sękowice, Polanowice, and Grabice, leading to Luboszyce. In Luboszyce there is a neo-Gothic castle from the 19th century, which today is privately owned. Nearby there is a landscape park that was created in the 18th and 19th centuries. Here grow common oaks with circumferences of 3 to 5 metres. Going on further via Węgliny you reach Suchodół, located by the lake of the same name. Just before Brody, visitors can climb the lookout tower in Jeziory Dolne and visit the Woods and Nature Museum. In Brody itself you can admire the huge castle grounds as well as the complex of the almost originally preserved town centre. Today the castle is a ruin, and the so-called cavalier houses have been renovated.
The way back to Gubin leads on natural trails through the idyllic landscape, via Koło, Wierzchno, Koperno, and Pleśno.

Gastronomical facilities:
Blockhaus Restaurant in Sękowice
The Brühl Castle Hotel, on the castle grounds in Brody

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