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The village - church tour


Tourist Information Centre in Guben - Kerkwitz - Atterwasch - Pinnow - Grano - Sembten - Steinsdorf - Groß Breesen - Guben

Route Length:
approximately 62 km

Road Composition:
Cycle tracks (asphalt, with separate cycle paths)
Cycle track on suitable roads (quiet, moderately used roads)

village churches: Kerkwitz, Atterwasch, Pinnow, Grano, Sembten, Steinsdorf, Groß Breesen

Lake: Deulowitzer See, Kleinsee, Pinnower See, Krayner Teiche, Kiessee Bresinchen; Gubener und Gubiner Stadtzentrum; Wassermühle - Atterwasch; Schloss - Grano


The Niederlausitz has one of the best-preserved church-landscapes of Brandenburg. In the surrounding area of Guben you find many well-preserved churches. On this village-church tour you can visit the churches from different epochs. They doubtless belong to the architectural treasures of this area and look back on a long history.

Starting point is the touristinformation. Following the Oder-Neisse cycle track in a southern direction you reach Schlagsdorf. Turn to west and reach Kerkwitz, where you find the first village-church. The laying of the foundation stone for the Gustaf-Adolf-church was in 1951 and just one year later the inauguration. Since 1980 there is an organ, hailing from Göhlen. To reach Atterwasch you have to cycle back to the railway underpass and then to the Deulowitz Lake. It is popular for swimming and also suitable for taking a trip in a rowing or pedal boat. It is going to Atterwasch. This is the oldest village-church of the protestant parish. After the 30-year war it was almost completely destroyed but in 1685 reinaugurated. The organ was build by the Gruenberg-Stettin company and is one of the few historical and well-preserved Gruenberg-organs. The tour continues via Baerenklau, Kleinsee and Pinnow Lake to the church of Pinnow. It was built in 1910 and on the north side you find a memorial, wher you can see the predecessor of the church. To come to the next station you have to cycle to Gross Drewitz and then and via Krayne to the church of Grano. In the north, via Lauschuetz, you find the church of Sembten. The first time it was mentioned as a subsidiary church of Grano in 1718, which probably was the construction year. One of the three Bronze bells from 1533 is provided in the bell tower. Along a light traffic country road you come to the half-timbered church of Steinsdorf. If you follow the country road to Coschen you reach the Oder-Neisse cycle track again. Cycle in a southwards direction and reach via Bresinchen and the Kiessee the last station of the tour, the church of Gross Breesen.

If and when the churches are open you find here: . You often get the key of the church from the villagers, so just inquire in the villages.

Gastronomical facilities:
Bergschänke in Berghotel Bresinchen
The Carp Inn at Pinnow lake
The Dorfkrug Restaurant in Kerkwitz
Landgasthof Waldow - Groß Breesen


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