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At the Neisse river

The Neisse flows directly through the double town Guben-Gubin. The big main bridge is the traffic connection and at the same time a modern weir of the river. It regulates the water flow, and a power station on the Gubin side uses the water’s energy. North of the weir at the Guben river bank, there used to be the huge area of the largest cloth factory, however, this place changed into a green oasis in 2007. By terraces the  Neisse is accessible for visitors and locals in the town centre. The free view to the neighbour town invites you to visit and enjoy this place. Parts of the old walls of the Guben cloth factory are preserved in the park and were intelligently integrated into the park area. A direct connection between the Neisse terraces in Guben and the Theatre Island in Gubin over a pedestrian bridge allows the visitor to walk over the island to the historical town centre in Gubin. The image of the river as the border belongs to the past, it has changed into a uniting element in the German-Polish town. South of the weir, the impounded river widens into a lake. The shaped bank with sports and seating facilities on the Guben side  invites visitors to stay, landing stages in Guben and Gubin create perspectives for using the Neisse for recreation and relaxation and invite fans of water sports to rowing and paddling.