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Cycling in the Guben and Gubin Regions

Enjoy the wealth of the natural environment, experience the breadth of a lake from its shore, or cycle through woods and meadows, passing ancient trees – the Guben-Gubin region offers you all this. Draw a deep breath, see the diversity of nature, as well as architectural treasures. In this brochure we would like to show you some of the many possible cycling trips available to you. The wide variety of interesting areas and subjects make every trip a special experience. The cycling network in the Guben region is very well developed: about 400 kilometres – about 250 miles – of cycling network are at the active tourist's disposal. Lake beaches, designated break points and restaurants with regional delicacies invite us to take our time and relax.
The Gubin region is about to expand its cycling network. Cycle along quiet roads and enjoy the naturalness of the surroundings. Whoever seeks silence and the attraction of unique landscapes will find many restful and refreshing places.