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Wir arbeiten für die Region mit freundlicher Unterstützung der Städtischen Werke Guben GmbH


20. Stadtwächterstündchen [21.07.2018]
13. Parkfest an der Platane [21.07.2018]
Live in Concert: 10 Jahre Edgar&Marie [28.07.2018]
Familiensonntag [29.07.2018]
Jezzkonzert Bending Times [29.07.2018]



Das Projekt wir aus den Mitteln des Europäischen Fonds für Regionale Entwicklung im Rahmen des Operationellen Programms der grenzübergreifenden Zusammenarbeit Polen (Wojwodschaft Lubuskie)-Brandenburg 2007-2013, Small Projekt Fund und Netzwerkprojektefonds der Euroregion Spree-Neiße-Bober, kofinanziert. „Grenzen überwinden durch gemeinsame Investition in die Zukunft.“

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Twenty-five kilometres to the south, you can find the little town of Brody, whose historical park displays botanical rarities, and tell us stories from the area’s history. The "Little Park" was created in the 17th century in French style, and – with its shaped flowerbeds and geometrical lawns – recalls the Gardens of Versailles in Paris. The former splendour of the neighbouring castle was the work of Count Heinrich von Brühl, but today the castle is a ruin and the park is overgrown. Nonetheless, you can still feel some of the splendour. In the adjacent renovated buildings, the so-called cavalier houses, visitors can learn a lot about the castle’s history, a there is an enticing restaurant. The adjacent unified residential houses were built by the famous architect Johann Christoph Knöffel as part of the castle town-complex. Despite changes, the town-complex has mostly retained its original character. Here we can also find the restored town gate, which was built in 1748 on the occasion of the visit of Augustus III. To the north of Brody is the old cemetery, where preserved gravestones and fences give us a glimpse of the past.

Quite near, in Jeziory, is the Woods and Nature Centre, which has a woody plants garden and a lookout tower, from which you can admire the surroundings of Brody. The restored forester's lodge from 1926 houses a woods and nature museum.


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