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The Guben-Gubin region

The town of Guben is located in the northeast of Lower Lusatia, in the valley of the river Neisse. It’s the twin town of neighbouring Gubin, and serves as a gateway to Poland. Its geopolitical location and Poland’s recent entry into the Schengen agreement point the way forward to a common Europe. Visitors to Guben and Gubin can explore two countries within one town.


The landscape surrounding Guben and Gubin is characterized by silent woods, wide heaths, river valleys, and many lakes. They all invite travellers to explore them: Discover the unique landscape with nature reserves and landscape protection areas. Get to know the architectural treasures of the region. And don't miss the chance to see the numerous churches of the region, and to learn more about the fascinating local history.

The twin towns Guben and Gubin are ideal bases from which to launch a trip into the region. To make your stay in the town and region as interesting as possible, we’ve gathered some of the many possible trips into this brochure. Visit the region and take a look around! Time and time again, you’ll discover something new and beautiful. We’re looking forward to seeing you very soon.