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Guben Lakes Round Trip

Tourist information office Guben - Groß Breesen - Sembten - Schieben - Göhlensee - Groß Drewitz Pinnow - Pinnower See - Kleinsee - Großsee - Drewitz - Pastlingsee - Grabko - Kerkwitz - Deulowitzer See - Kaltenborn - Guben

Route Length:
approximately 55 kilometres (about 34 miles)

Type of ways:
Cycle paths (asphalted, separate cycle paths)
Cycle route on suitable road (quiet road or street with little traffic)

Sights along the way:
City centres of Guben and Gubin / Lakes : Göhlensee, Pinnower See, Kleinsee, Großsee, Pastlingsee, Deulowitzer See / Village churches: Groß Breesen, Sembten, Pinnow, Drewitz, Kerkwitz / Circular walking paths : Pinnower See, Göhlensee, Kleinsee

Landgasthof Wagenburg near Göhlensees (Saturday and Sunday) / Karpfenschänke
at the lake Pinnower See / Restaurant Flemming`s at lake Deulowitzer See /
Landgasthof Zum Dorfkrug in Kerkwitz

The area around Guben is characterized by wide landscapes with forests and heath as well as  numerous lakes with water of excellent quality. You can visit some of them on this Guben lake tour. Situated in a valley and surrounded by woods, the lake Göhlensee has fields of water lily and reed; its rich diversity in flora and fauna offers good conditions for watching nature. The lake Pinnower See invites you to take a bath in its clear water. The next lake along this route is Kleinsee with is located in a wide mixed forest of pine trees and sessile oaks. From there you go - parallel to road L 50 – to the lake Großsee. The next lake is Pastlingsee in an idyllic setting in a nature reserve. Here the interested visitor can find rare plants such as the sundew. The lake Deulowitzer See is a popular bathing lake for the  Guben citizens and invites you also to make a trip in a rowing boat. All lakes along this tour offer ambitious anglers a variety of local fish such as pike, zander and eel.

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