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Wir arbeiten für die Region mit freundlicher Unterstützung der Städtischen Werke Guben GmbH


Allerweltscafe [16.08.2018]
Radwanderung: Zum Pinnower See mit einem Abstecher in die blühende Henzendorfer Heide [18.08.2018]
Live in Concert mit Tom Walter [18.08.2018]
Sommerfest in Verbindung mit einer Weinausstellung [18.08.2018]
Stadtführung Guben-Gubin: Die Doppelstadt im Wandel der Zeit [25.08.2018]



Das Projekt wir aus den Mitteln des Europäischen Fonds für Regionale Entwicklung im Rahmen des Operationellen Programms der grenzübergreifenden Zusammenarbeit Polen (Wojwodschaft Lubuskie)-Brandenburg 2007-2013, Small Projekt Fund und Netzwerkprojektefonds der Euroregion Spree-Neiße-Bober, kofinanziert. „Grenzen überwinden durch gemeinsame Investition in die Zukunft.“

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Lakes of the region

The surroundings of Guben and Gubin offer perfect conditions for recreation in refreshing waters,  and not only to swimming enthusiasts. The region has a number of natural waters. No matter if you are looking for silence and recreation or for  adventure and sports, the variety of lakes offers also a large variety of possibilities. The small lakes east and west of the Neiße, which are  embedded in heath landscapes and mixed forests, are real treasures for friends of bathing and angling alike and invite your to relax amidst  quiet nature. When you look for activities and experiences, this is the right place for you. Near Guben on the German side, there are nine  natural lakes with water of excellent quality. They mainly invite guests for swimming and angling. On the Polish side, there are two natural lakes quite near. Additionally there are a number of fishing ponds near Gubin. We would like to introduce some of the lakes briefly. For further  information, contact the tourist information offices in Guben and Gubin.


Lake Pinnower See
The lake is situated about 16 km west of Guben in the nature park Schlaubetal and surrounded by pine and deciduous woods. It can be easily  reached via the federal road 320 or by bicycle on paved cycle paths. The lake is 54 hectares big and up to 11 metres deep. Small beaches, a  restaurant close to the lake and a boat rental point offer good conditions for relaxation. Along the hiking trail around the lake you can see 12  information boards with interesting facts about local birds. In a quiz children as well as adults can learn more about birdlife in this area.

Features: Bathing lake, Normal and nudist beach, Boat rental : Rowing boats, Angling, Diving, Restaurant, Camping site, Hotel, Parking area


Lake Deulowitzer See
The lake is also called „Guben’s bathtub” and is situated about 7 km southwest of Guben. It can be reached by car as well as by bike on  paved cycle paths. It is surrounded by large pine trees, 11 hectares big and up to 8 metres deep. On its large beach, Lake Deulowitz offers  refreshment on hot days as well as the possibility simply to relax in the sun. The forests around the lake are rich in mushrooms and berries. In cold winters the lake is also popular with ice skaters.

Features: Bathing lake,  Boat rental: Rowing boats, Angling, Restaurant, Camping site, Holiday camp for children, Parking area


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