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Wir arbeiten für die Region mit freundlicher Unterstützung der Städtischen Werke Guben GmbH


Guben-Talk: Gregor Gysi - Ein Leben ist nicht genug? [19.09.2018]
Offener Tanzkurs für Frauen [19.09.2018]
Offener Tanzkreis für Frauen [19.09.2018]
Verkehrssicherheitstag inkl. Fahrradcodierung [20.09.2018]
Live in Concert Marie-Joana [21.09.2018]



Das Projekt wir aus den Mitteln des Europäischen Fonds für Regionale Entwicklung im Rahmen des Operationellen Programms der grenzübergreifenden Zusammenarbeit Polen (Wojwodschaft Lubuskie)-Brandenburg 2007-2013, Small Projekt Fund und Netzwerkprojektefonds der Euroregion Spree-Neiße-Bober, kofinanziert. „Grenzen überwinden durch gemeinsame Investition in die Zukunft.“

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Schlaubetal Nature Park, Reicherskreuz Heath, Henzendorf Erratic Block Park

The Schlaubetal (the valley of the Schlaube brook) is acclaimed by locals and visitors as the most beautiful brook valley in eastern Brandenburg. The nature park in the northwest of Guben occupies an area of 227 square kilometres. Typical of the landscape are the systems of ice-age meltwater grooves formed by the Schlaube, Oelse, Demnitz and Dorche brooks, which wind their ways between woods, gorges, bogs and meadows, as well as the sand plains of Reicherskreuz. The nature park with its nature reserves accommodate a large variety of biotopes. More than a thousand partly rare species of plants have been discovered in the Schlaubetal, including lady's slipper orchid and coral root orchid. Also found here are otters, 140 species of breeding birds, and almost 700 types of large butterfly. Among the various mills which are located in the nature park, you shouldn’t miss the Schwerzko sawmill, with its reconstructed water-drive. The Reicherskreuz Heath in the southern part of the nature park was once a military training area. Today it’s a thirty-square-kilometre nature reserve with wide heathlands and many species of animals and plants. Particularly attractive in the month of May are the yellow broomflowers that grow here, and in September the violet heather displays a sea of flowers. An interesting place is the Erratic Block Park near the village Henzendorf. Here figures are carved in glacial erratics; the carvings are based on historical models and represent local culture and history. A path of old scripts, Germanic runes, Celtic and Hittite stone images and sculptures lead visitors into the past. Some of the stones have been worked on by artists, and document two thousand years of history. Follow the Path of the Stones!


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