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Marketing und Tourismus Guben e.V.

The association MuT- Marketing and Tourismus Guben e.V., is an economical society, which supports the cultural, touristical, economical and regional interests of the citizens of the city Guben and its area. The society members are other associations of Guben, economical companies, as well as privat people. Touristic service providers, like hotels, guesthouses, privat renter or restaurants take over the biggest amount. The head of the association is the executive committee which consists of dedicated Gubener volunteers.

The goal of MuT is to obtain and promote the basis of life of our citizens. The society supports the monument preservation and takes care of the nature, culture and the landscape for the purpose of a charitable promotion of economy and tourism. In particular the cooperation between commerce and trade, manufacture, banks, catering industry, the municipal authority and other institutions (especially institutions for culture and young people) are very important to obtain and strengthen the attraction of Guben and its surrounding area.

MuT promotes the touristic cooperation, especially because of the local and nationwide presentation. As a twin city Guben/ Gubin, because of the EU east expansion, the association helps to determine the progress of that European city, promotes the European concept and contributes the improvement of the understanding among nations especially between german and polish speaking people.

MuT promotes the care and preservation of the local customs, the historiography and reprocess of the history. This happens in a close cooperation between other constitutions and associations. To continue promoting the attraction of Guben locally and nationwide, appropriate marketing operations as well as organisation and the coordination of events are necessary.