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The viticulture society called "Gubener Weinbau e.V."

The viticulture society called “Gubener Weinbau e.V. was established December 2003 with the main goal to revive the historical viticulture again after 120 years. The wine is made freshly and poured in bottles by viniculturalists to create a typical local product. Around 4500 grapevines are located on an area of 2,5 acre. Furthermore a smaller garden with 30 different kinds of grapes is located south of the Weinberg mountain. Since 2008 the vine is allowed to be called “Brandenburgischer Landwein”.

The highlights in one year:

  • Late April: vine tasting at the castle of Grano
  • Late September: Weinberg festival at the mountain Weinberg in Grano

Offerings for you:

  • We inform about the different kinds of grapes and their location
  • We order your choice of plug vine (please order latest in the middle of march of the year)
  • We inform about planting and rearing of vines, fertilization, diseases of the plant and the countering of the vermins
  • Over here you can press your own grapes, make vine out of it and let it filled into bottles
  • We offer guidances through our vine and vine tasting. We appreciate any suggestions to improve our quality.

You can find more information on the webpage: